How to Lighten Up Your Home with Window Coverings

If your family home is starting to look more like a dungeon then it’s probably time to let the light shine in! Making the most of natural light can make your rooms seem larger, your colours seem brighter, and it can complement your trendy interiors. You can enhance your entire home with a little bit of natural light and with the help of some clever window coverings.

Wait, window coverings? Like drapes, blinds and shutters? That’s right, those stylish furnishings that have a great reputation for keeping the light out are actually your finest weapons for brightening up your room. If you want all the benefits of a bigger, better, brighter room then we have the solution for you. Let us draw back your blinds and show you how to lighten up your home with window coverings.

Find Your Favourite Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your curtains is a fantastic first step to lightening your home. Believe it or not, something as simple as the material on your curtains can negatively affect your room. When you’re curtain shopping, make sure you head to a showroom and talk to a professional. Not only can they point out those fabrics that will match your style, but they can also point you to lighter, softer fabrics. These elegant options filter the sun perfectly, helping the right amount of light to enter your home, keeping it warm and inviting.

Stunning linen curtain with multiple tones

The Perfect Pattern

Patterns on your curtains and drapes can brighten up your room in the stylistic sense, but they can also work wonders when it comes to natural light. Different patterns for your curtains can set the tone in your room, while also letting light through the natural variations in the pattern, creating a beautiful, dappled light effect.

Bright Tip: Don’t be afraid to be creative with patterns but don’t forget, minimalist is often best for both style and sunshine!

A Sheer Genius Solution

All the rage for their elegant, subtle design and the open aura that they create, sheer curtains and drapes are light-weight and almost see-through. Hanging over your window or beneath your drapes, sheer window coverings allow for plenty of natural light without sacrificing your privacy. Choose a thickness and thread count that is perfect for your needs.

Curtains with layers, sheers and blockouts

Control Your Light

Blinds and shutters are great for keeping the light out of your home but they’re also perfect for maximising your sunshine. Blinds and shutters have an “on or off” functionality but they also feature everything in between. By angling your blinds and shutters you can not only control how much light comes in, but where it comes in too. Finally you can put the sun where you want it to be, heating and brightening your room without having to squint your eyes.

Light shutters for a beautiful living room

Bright Tip: If you’re building or renovating, emphasise height over width in your windows. This will maximise the effect of your Venetian or Vertical blinds.

If you want to let the light shine into your rooms in Melbourne, contact the team at Curtains Direct & Blinds . We have all the best window coverings in our showroom and you can even have our mobile showroom come to you!