Outdoor and Retractable Awnings for Melbourne

At Curtains Direct & Blinds, we offer a variety of stylish acrylic and folding-arm awnings for businesses and homeowners throughout Melbourne. Awnings serve as a stylish feature that can protect your family, guests or clients from the elements.


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Awnings Are Essential for Aussie Properties

Here at Curtains Direct & Blinds, we believe that every Australian home and business would benefit from the addition of high-quality awnings. As well as being a great aesthetic feature that increases the curb appeal (and value) of your home, awnings offer a range of other benefits.

Protect Your Belongings While Enjoying Natural Light

Ultraviolet rays from the sun fade your carpets, curtains and furniture, damage appliances, and can harm you even while inside your home. A retractable awning allows you to block out these rays without having to completely close off the window, so you can enjoy pleasant light without paying the UV price.

Create Shady Outdoor Spaces

By the same token, outdoor awnings can be used to help you get more from outdoor spaces. When placed in a patio or BBQ area, awnings let you enjoy the outdoors without burning to a crisp.

Protect Against Weather

Heavy rain beating against your windows can cause seals to break down faster and lead to mildew if it gets between the panes. Extending a folding-arm awning during a heavy downpour can protect your windows.

Automated Options

Motorised awnings are a modern, convenient choice that simplifies the process of opening and closing awnings. Once installed, these awnings can be operated remotely. Houseguests, tenants and customers alike will be impressed and appreciative.

Sensors for Automated Closing

Are you concerned that sudden bursts of high wind could cause damage to your fabric awning or the mechanical arms? Motorised folding-arm or retractable awnings with built-in sensors can detect such changes and fold away safely.

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