Being Bold with Your Drapes

If your home is looking more old than bold then it might be time for some interior decoration. A coat of paint or some new furniture might do the job for a while but chances are your rooms will need a fashion focal point that draws the eye and defines your décor. Whether you’re designing a new home or are refreshing your current home, one of the most underrated yet effective options in your interior design arsenal are your drapes.

Gorgeous, flowing, and quite simply chic, drapes are the standout fashion selection in any room. Cast against the stunning sunlight of the morning or the grey tones of an overcast day, drapes have the advantage of a dynamic background, letting you see the difference strengths in various lights. With so many things to consider and almost endless options for your drapes, how do you make yours more sensational than the rest? With a little bit of advice you can avoid a fashion faux pas and create a truly gorgeous living space that’s built around your drapes. Here are our great tips for being bold with your drapes.

  1. Create Space with Clever Patterns

One of the biggest benefits of your curtains is undoubtedly their ability to create space. Long, straight, and flowing, curtains make rooms look longer and larger than they are, drawing the eye to their elegant height. Extend your space with a trick of the eye by placing curtains that play with patterns, shapes and lines. Designs like this one cast vertical against horizontal, further accentuating that height, while a clever use of colour will have the same effect.

Patterned Curtain

  1. Mix and Match with Your Décor

It takes some guts to go with matching colours and patterns in any area of your life. While people who wear double denim might make you cringe, there are advantages to be had when you dare to match your drapes with your décor. Here is a great example of harmony in design. The thatch baskets in a black cabinet work wonderfully with those black and white curtains and the sun shining in makes it all the more better.

  1. Creative Colour Solutions

Nothing says bright and bold like colour blocking. The matching of simple solid colours for a great effect works just as well on your walls as it does on your clothes . Once you’ve figured out what colours work well with your room, it’s just a matter of bringing them to life through your drapes. This example screams sophistication and adds a special touch to this room.

  1. Redefine the Line

The lining of your drapes is more than a rarely seen layer of your curtains. It’s an opportunity for creativity in your home. By adding a splash of colour to your drapes you can make them sing while retaining a discreet décor. This is a beautiful way to go bold without overcommitting and making a mistake but still adding dimensions to your room.

Orange Lining on Modern Curtain

So what did you think of these tips for going bold with your drapes? Have you tried any of them out or do you have your own ideas. Share them in the comments below.

If you’re a new homebuyer or an avid decorator in Melbourne, make your space great with drapes . Curtains Direct & Blinds have a showroom full of drapes and an online gallery for your inspiration. Our experts can help guide you in your drape design too. Call us on 03 9988 5700 today!

Beyond Air-Con – Better Ways to Cool Your Home This Summer

Melbourne has a reputation for being cold, but locals know it can also get brutally hot. As the mercury rises this summer, don’t just rely on air-con. Here are some elegant cooling solutions for your home.

Help from Above: Cooling Your Home with Awnings

Direct sunlight heats up surfaces just as a bar heater would. Installing awnings over your windows can block up to 77 per cent of heat from entering your home.

Awnings cool your home and protect your furniture from sun damage. They’re also an opportunity to accessorise your home’s exterior with stylish designs . Adjustable coverings are best, as these can be rolled up in winter to let the warmth in.

A large house with awnings and blinds and a summery garden.

Build a Wall: Cool Your Home with Curtains, Blinds, and Shutters

East and West facing windows get a lot of low-angle light as the sun sweeps through the north. Blinds, curtains, or shutters will work best to shade these windows.

Blinds and Shutters

Adjustable exterior blinds made from materials such as wood, steel, or aluminium provide a wall that stops sunlight before it hits the glass, reducing heat gain by around 45%. Experiment with different materials and colours to create a striking look with your blinds.

Shutters, on the other hand, allow you to close over windows as if with a door, keeping out a great deal of heat.


Curtains also reduce the rooms’ temperature by up to 33%, but make sure you choose the right materials. For best results you’ll want closed-weave fabric, or thermal insulating lining (the lighter colours in the lining facing outwards will reflect the sun) – don’t forget to have fun choosing fabrics .

The Answer Is Blowing Through the Windows

A simple breeze through an open window can be a lifesaver on a sweltering day. But don’t just throw open all your windows and hope for the best.

Here are some tips to get the breeze working for you:

Let in the Night

Open your windows before bed to let in cool night air. Hop up early to close them and head off the day’s heat.

Hot Air Rises

Open lower level windows on the shaded side of your house, and higher windows on the opposite side. This will cool your home as warm air escapes through the high windows drawing in lower, colder air as it does.

Knowledge Is Power

Learn as much as you can about local wind conditions around your home. The more you learn the better you can use nature’s air-conditioning.

Tree Change

Planting a tree or a vine is a great way to cool your home and make your property look great at the same time. A well-placed tree blocks sun in summer and spring, then conveniently loses its leaves to let through sun in autumn and winter. Creeper vines cool buildings by shielding exterior walls from the sun; they will also make your home look amazing.

So turn off the air-con, open the windows, and start getting your house ready for summer. If you’re in Melbourne feel free to drop into our showroom and get inspired by our great selection of curtains, awnings, and blinds.

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Creating a Focal Point in Your Room – Do it with Drapes!

Windows are every room’s best friend, creating light, space and a sense of openness. They are an insight into the outside world, perfectly complementing every style and sensibility. It might sound odd, but one of the ways to get the most out of your windows in by covering them up. Window coverings can add a personal touch to an already important part of your room. If you want to reflect your style and set the tone with your windows then there is nothing better than luxurious drapery.

Indulge in Drapery

Drapes are the natural solution when you’re looking to create a room that exudes style and class. You can create a focal point in your room with a fresh coat of paint, some wallpaper or furniture, but for a look that lasts drapes are the way to go. Not only are they one of the easiest interior decorating solutions, but drapes are also one of the only options that enhance your existing style.

You see, by hanging long, flowing drapes in your room, you create shape and colour that works with your architecture. Drapes can bring new body to the contours of your room and provide patterns and colours that match your personal style. Drapery adds an extra dimension to your space that few other solutions can offer. And here’s how…

Coordinate and Contrast

If you want your drapes to set the tone when people walk into your room then they need to be the starting point that defines your personal style. This means analysing your existing space and deciding what fabrics, accessories and colours work best with your décor. If you’re building or renovating then you can start this all from scratch but if you’re using drapes to enhance an existing space then be sure to consider what works best. This doesn’t necessarily mean using matching colours and patterns for your curtains but playing with style of your room and seeing if a contrasting look can say more than the safe option ever could.

Pepper Your Patterns

When you’re creating a delightful décor, the clever use of patterns is a must. Be sure to pepper a few patterns throughout your room but try not to use too many. Too many shapes will seem too busty and overwhelm the eye. When it comes to your drapes, a bold pattern might be appropriate if you have one or two other patterns on your furniture or your walls. If the room is looking busy enough as it is then striking solid colours might be the best option.

Ikat curtain

Purely Decorative Drapes

Drapes aren’t just for windows, they can create a focal point in a purely decorative way. Using drapes against a bare wall, or behind your behind your bed, can be a great option to reflect style and shape. Cashmere and silk can create a dramatic design while textured fabrics in the bedroom can enhance your bed as a work of art in itself.

So there you have it – drapes are great – whether you have a window to cover or not. Use them as an easy way to enhance your new room. To get some tips and inspiration for your project visit the showroom at Curtains Direct & Blinds in Melbourne or view their online gallery . As Melbourne’s window furnishing experts, a consultant from Curtains Direct & Blinds can help you to design with drapes.

When Experience Matters – Why Choose Professional Curtain Installation

Sometimes there’s nothing better than the feeling of doing something yourself. When you open up that tough jar of pickles or you finally get around to completing that ‘to-do’ list you feel fantastic. The feeling of satisfaction is great but it tends to wear off if the result doesn’t match your vision. There are some things that you should definitely do yourself and then there are those that you should leave to the professionals. Curtain installation is definitely one of the areas where professional experience counts.

A Bit about Curtain Installation

When you think about curtain installation you might be thinking of hanging a bit of fabric on a window and wondering, ‘how hard can that be?’ The truth is there are plenty of factors in the curtain installation process that come long before you try and line that fabric up with your wall. And when we talk about curtain installation we’re actually talking about drapes , blinds , and any other window furnishing that you might try to take care of yourself too.

Choosing the Right Curtain

The curtain installation process begins when you decide that you want to decorate and protect your home with curtains. Great choice, but you then have to find the curtains that are right for you and this is the first time you will need a professional on your side.

When you’re choosing your curtains you might be thinking about the colours and patterns that are right for your home. Matching your preferences and creating a stylish interior is important but there are a number of other factors that you may not have considered.

Different curtains have different insulation qualities, and they shield you from the sun in various ways. This is the sort of information that your professional consultant can give you. As well as this, they can match the right curtain to the right window, because depending on its position in your home and its exposure to the sun your window will have different needs.

Professionals also have the benefit of distance and they can make sure that you won’t view your stylish selection as a décor disaster just a few weeks later. A professional will know all the timeless styles and can expertly match the colours in your home.

The Installation Situation

Once you’ve handpicked the best curtains with a professional by your side, the next step is the actual installation. This is the part where the DIY disasters could really occur. Hanging your curtains or drapes is about more than just throwing them over a rail and a professional installer will make sure everything is straight, secure, and installed to last.

If there are functional elements to your curtains, blinds or drapes then a professional will ensure that everything works well so you won’t end up pulling your drapes closed manually at the end of the night.

Quality Assurance

Finally, consider the simple but important element of quality assurance. When you buy your blinds, curtains and other window furnishings through a professional, you have the peace of mind that you’re getting professional products for your home.

If you need curtains in Melbourne, Curtains Direct & Blinds can help you to choose great looking curtains and even install them for you. The team at Curtains Direct source their quality products directly from the manufacturer to assure quality and keep prices down.

How to Lighten Up Your Home with Window Coverings

If your family home is starting to look more like a dungeon then it’s probably time to let the light shine in! Making the most of natural light can make your rooms seem larger, your colours seem brighter, and it can complement your trendy interiors. You can enhance your entire home with a little bit of natural light and with the help of some clever window coverings.

Wait, window coverings? Like drapes, blinds and shutters? That’s right, those stylish furnishings that have a great reputation for keeping the light out are actually your finest weapons for brightening up your room. If you want all the benefits of a bigger, better, brighter room then we have the solution for you. Let us draw back your blinds and show you how to lighten up your home with window coverings.

Find Your Favourite Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your curtains is a fantastic first step to lightening your home. Believe it or not, something as simple as the material on your curtains can negatively affect your room. When you’re curtain shopping, make sure you head to a showroom and talk to a professional. Not only can they point out those fabrics that will match your style, but they can also point you to lighter, softer fabrics. These elegant options filter the sun perfectly, helping the right amount of light to enter your home, keeping it warm and inviting.

Stunning linen curtain with multiple tones

The Perfect Pattern

Patterns on your curtains and drapes can brighten up your room in the stylistic sense, but they can also work wonders when it comes to natural light. Different patterns for your curtains can set the tone in your room, while also letting light through the natural variations in the pattern, creating a beautiful, dappled light effect.

Bright Tip: Don’t be afraid to be creative with patterns but don’t forget, minimalist is often best for both style and sunshine!

A Sheer Genius Solution

All the rage for their elegant, subtle design and the open aura that they create, sheer curtains and drapes are light-weight and almost see-through. Hanging over your window or beneath your drapes, sheer window coverings allow for plenty of natural light without sacrificing your privacy. Choose a thickness and thread count that is perfect for your needs.

Curtains with layers, sheers and blockouts

Control Your Light

Blinds and shutters are great for keeping the light out of your home but they’re also perfect for maximising your sunshine. Blinds and shutters have an “on or off” functionality but they also feature everything in between. By angling your blinds and shutters you can not only control how much light comes in, but where it comes in too. Finally you can put the sun where you want it to be, heating and brightening your room without having to squint your eyes.

Light shutters for a beautiful living room

Bright Tip: If you’re building or renovating, emphasise height over width in your windows. This will maximise the effect of your Venetian or Vertical blinds.

If you want to let the light shine into your rooms in Melbourne, contact the team at Curtains Direct & Blinds . We have all the best window coverings in our showroom and you can even have our mobile showroom come to you!

Enhance Your Home with Style – The Ins and Outs of Insulated Curtains

When it comes to keeping warm the first thing that you think of probably isn’t your curtains. These stylish window furnishings are an interior designer’s best friend. They make any room feel spacious and they can act as both a stylish centrepiece and a subtle foundation for the rest of your décor. But how can curtains be good at heating your home when their main function is to keep the light out?

Enter insulated curtains. Style meets function with these well-lined furnishings that combine the timeless design of traditional curtains with the practical benefits of your favourite pair of slippers. But what exactly are insulated curtains, what do they do and how do they heat your home? Well put down your heating controls and don’t light that fire! Watch your electricity bills fall as we explain all the ins and outs of insulated curtains.

What Are Insulated Curtains?

If you’re worried about the rising costs of your utility bills or the falling temperature inside your home then look no further than insulated curtains or drapes. Practicality with style, custom insulated curtains are great for your new home as well as for renovation and redecoration projects, and offices. Your typical insulated curtains come with quadruple the benefits of your regular curtains without sacrificing style. They do this by comprising of four layers. These are:

  • A stylish outer layer that is protected by an inner lining
  • A high-density foam
  • A reflective film and;
  • A reflective vapour barrier

These factors form an awesome combination in every room of your home. They provide plenty of stylish and elegant benefits while being a great way to keep the heat in during winter, and the house cool in summer.

Take Control of Your Home

A comfortable home suits your style and is the right temperature. Traditionally, curtains have been a way of providing a canvas that reflects your visual style, elegant, minimalist, sophisticated, or rustic. One thing you may not have thought of is how insulated curtains can help keep your home comfy in the cold weather.

Curtains are traditionally the thing that keeps the glare off your TV so it’s easy to see how they can cool your home – they keep the sun out. But how do they beat the cold weather?

Well the insulated part of insulated curtains acts a bit like the carpet under your feet or slippers for your windows. Windows are one of the main causes of heat-loss in your rooms but the insulated curtains hanging over them can hold in the heat. But that’s not all you can control.

Soundproof Your World

If you’ve got hardwood floors, tiles or other noisy nuisances in your home then curtains are the perfect solution. Your quality curtains will absorb all that noise and best of all, they can also help prevent outside noises.

Timeless Style

The other benefit of insulated curtains is that they look great! With all of those great insulating benefits, the stylish curtains and drapes can still be the decorative talking point in your home.

Are you interested in a warmer home or office, and lower bills in Melbourne? Give insulated curtains a try! Contact the window furnishing specialists at Curtains Direct & Blinds for great products and installations.

Visit us at our showroom, visit the online gallery , or give us a call on 03 9988 5700 today!