Enhance Your Home with Style – The Ins and Outs of Insulated Curtains

When it comes to keeping warm the first thing that you think of probably isn’t your curtains. These stylish window furnishings are an interior designer’s best friend. They make any room feel spacious and they can act as both a stylish centrepiece and a subtle foundation for the rest of your décor. But how can curtains be good at heating your home when their main function is to keep the light out?

Enter insulated curtains. Style meets function with these well-lined furnishings that combine the timeless design of traditional curtains with the practical benefits of your favourite pair of slippers. But what exactly are insulated curtains, what do they do and how do they heat your home? Well put down your heating controls and don’t light that fire! Watch your electricity bills fall as we explain all the ins and outs of insulated curtains.

What Are Insulated Curtains?

If you’re worried about the rising costs of your utility bills or the falling temperature inside your home then look no further than insulated curtains or drapes. Practicality with style, custom insulated curtains are great for your new home as well as for renovation and redecoration projects, and offices. Your typical insulated curtains come with quadruple the benefits of your regular curtains without sacrificing style. They do this by comprising of four layers. These are:

  • A stylish outer layer that is protected by an inner lining
  • A high-density foam
  • A reflective film and;
  • A reflective vapour barrier

These factors form an awesome combination in every room of your home. They provide plenty of stylish and elegant benefits while being a great way to keep the heat in during winter, and the house cool in summer.

Take Control of Your Home

A comfortable home suits your style and is the right temperature. Traditionally, curtains have been a way of providing a canvas that reflects your visual style, elegant, minimalist, sophisticated, or rustic. One thing you may not have thought of is how insulated curtains can help keep your home comfy in the cold weather.

Curtains are traditionally the thing that keeps the glare off your TV so it’s easy to see how they can cool your home – they keep the sun out. But how do they beat the cold weather?

Well the insulated part of insulated curtains acts a bit like the carpet under your feet or slippers for your windows. Windows are one of the main causes of heat-loss in your rooms but the insulated curtains hanging over them can hold in the heat. But that’s not all you can control.

Soundproof Your World

If you’ve got hardwood floors, tiles or other noisy nuisances in your home then curtains are the perfect solution. Your quality curtains will absorb all that noise and best of all, they can also help prevent outside noises.

Timeless Style

The other benefit of insulated curtains is that they look great! With all of those great insulating benefits, the stylish curtains and drapes can still be the decorative talking point in your home.

Are you interested in a warmer home or office, and lower bills in Melbourne? Give insulated curtains a try! Contact the window furnishing specialists at Curtains Direct & Blinds for great products and installations.

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