Creating a Focal Point in Your Room – Do it with Drapes!

Windows are every room’s best friend, creating light, space and a sense of openness. They are an insight into the outside world, perfectly complementing every style and sensibility. It might sound odd, but one of the ways to get the most out of your windows in by covering them up. Window coverings can add a personal touch to an already important part of your room. If you want to reflect your style and set the tone with your windows then there is nothing better than luxurious drapery.

Indulge in Drapery

Drapes are the natural solution when you’re looking to create a room that exudes style and class. You can create a focal point in your room with a fresh coat of paint, some wallpaper or furniture, but for a look that lasts drapes are the way to go. Not only are they one of the easiest interior decorating solutions, but drapes are also one of the only options that enhance your existing style.

You see, by hanging long, flowing drapes in your room, you create shape and colour that works with your architecture. Drapes can bring new body to the contours of your room and provide patterns and colours that match your personal style. Drapery adds an extra dimension to your space that few other solutions can offer. And here’s how…

Coordinate and Contrast

If you want your drapes to set the tone when people walk into your room then they need to be the starting point that defines your personal style. This means analysing your existing space and deciding what fabrics, accessories and colours work best with your décor. If you’re building or renovating then you can start this all from scratch but if you’re using drapes to enhance an existing space then be sure to consider what works best. This doesn’t necessarily mean using matching colours and patterns for your curtains but playing with style of your room and seeing if a contrasting look can say more than the safe option ever could.

Pepper Your Patterns

When you’re creating a delightful décor, the clever use of patterns is a must. Be sure to pepper a few patterns throughout your room but try not to use too many. Too many shapes will seem too busty and overwhelm the eye. When it comes to your drapes, a bold pattern might be appropriate if you have one or two other patterns on your furniture or your walls. If the room is looking busy enough as it is then striking solid colours might be the best option.

Ikat curtain

Purely Decorative Drapes

Drapes aren’t just for windows, they can create a focal point in a purely decorative way. Using drapes against a bare wall, or behind your behind your bed, can be a great option to reflect style and shape. Cashmere and silk can create a dramatic design while textured fabrics in the bedroom can enhance your bed as a work of art in itself.

So there you have it – drapes are great – whether you have a window to cover or not. Use them as an easy way to enhance your new room. To get some tips and inspiration for your project visit the showroom at Curtains Direct & Blinds in Melbourne or view their online gallery . As Melbourne’s window furnishing experts, a consultant from Curtains Direct & Blinds can help you to design with drapes.

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