Being Bold with Your Drapes

If your home is looking more old than bold then it might be time for some interior decoration. A coat of paint or some new furniture might do the job for a while but chances are your rooms will need a fashion focal point that draws the eye and defines your décor. Whether you’re designing a new home or are refreshing your current home, one of the most underrated yet effective options in your interior design arsenal are your drapes.

Gorgeous, flowing, and quite simply chic, drapes are the standout fashion selection in any room. Cast against the stunning sunlight of the morning or the grey tones of an overcast day, drapes have the advantage of a dynamic background, letting you see the difference strengths in various lights. With so many things to consider and almost endless options for your drapes, how do you make yours more sensational than the rest? With a little bit of advice you can avoid a fashion faux pas and create a truly gorgeous living space that’s built around your drapes. Here are our great tips for being bold with your drapes.

  1. Create Space with Clever Patterns

One of the biggest benefits of your curtains is undoubtedly their ability to create space. Long, straight, and flowing, curtains make rooms look longer and larger than they are, drawing the eye to their elegant height. Extend your space with a trick of the eye by placing curtains that play with patterns, shapes and lines. Designs like this one cast vertical against horizontal, further accentuating that height, while a clever use of colour will have the same effect.

Patterned Curtain

  1. Mix and Match with Your Décor

It takes some guts to go with matching colours and patterns in any area of your life. While people who wear double denim might make you cringe, there are advantages to be had when you dare to match your drapes with your décor. Here is a great example of harmony in design. The thatch baskets in a black cabinet work wonderfully with those black and white curtains and the sun shining in makes it all the more better.

  1. Creative Colour Solutions

Nothing says bright and bold like colour blocking. The matching of simple solid colours for a great effect works just as well on your walls as it does on your clothes . Once you’ve figured out what colours work well with your room, it’s just a matter of bringing them to life through your drapes. This example screams sophistication and adds a special touch to this room.

  1. Redefine the Line

The lining of your drapes is more than a rarely seen layer of your curtains. It’s an opportunity for creativity in your home. By adding a splash of colour to your drapes you can make them sing while retaining a discreet décor. This is a beautiful way to go bold without overcommitting and making a mistake but still adding dimensions to your room.

Orange Lining on Modern Curtain

So what did you think of these tips for going bold with your drapes? Have you tried any of them out or do you have your own ideas. Share them in the comments below.

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