8 Summer Curtain Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Rooms

Clothes stores and gyms are always overflowing in summer – people want to look and feel their best as the days get longer, the nights get warmer, and everyone gets friendlier. But summer isn’t just about trips to the beach or the bar; it’s also about lazy dinner parties and afternoon barbecues at home.

Light pouring through a window framed by floral curtains.

You may well want to give your house a new look to go with your summer wardrobe, and new curtains are one quick way to do it. Here’s 8 of the most exciting fabrics and patterns trending this summer, from luxurious to simple to exotic.

Metallic Fabrics

There is something opulent and slightly futuristic about fabrics that shimmer like flexible metal . Curtains with this look work with block colours or minimalist patterns and would particularly suit a sleek city apartment or a house with a modern touch.

Back to Nature

Fabrics that make people feel connected to nature can make a home feel more welcoming and put your guests at ease. Painterly designs work particularly well, giving a soft feel to a room.


Bold, simple patterns are never really out of style. Something like this arrow motif gives a dynamic feeling of movement and is reminiscent of cave paintings. Perfect if you want your lounge room to feel especially old school.

Quirky and Twee

Maybe elegance and simplicity isn’t your thing and you want your house to project something more fun. There’s a whole world of cute and quirky patterns out there, like this beautifully detailed, colourful print . Featuring American Indian motifs, it hints at open spaces and wilderness.


The art of First Nation Australian’s is renowned for its distinctive, bold patterns and colours. Bring the vibrancy of an ancient culture into your home with Indigenous prints for your summer drapes.

Asian styles

Choosing drapes inspired by the styles of Asia will lend your living spaces a unique sense of grace. This collection , taking its cues from Chinese culture, is a beautiful example of how Asian infused curtains can complete a room.

Light and Lacy

If your main aim is to keep the breeze flowing, and the sunlight falling, you may want to go for light, lacy, or transparent curtains . These summer favourites create the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon of wine, cheese, and conversation.

Be Inspired, Online and Offline

There are a thousand ways you could choose to spice up your space with new drapes this summer. Hopefully this list has got you thinking about a few of them. But don’t stop here, there’s a lot of ways to find inspiration for your summer home makeover.

If you want a more guided approach, or just need to feel the fabrics in your hands to help you decide, drop into our showroom to browse our selection and chat to our helpful staff.

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