Lace and Sheers: Elegance and Privacy

When it comes time to choose a window furnishing for your Melbourne property, there are a number of factors to consider. Insulation, aesthetic, cost, ease of use, practicality and privacy are all major contributing aspects. So whether you’re buying, renting, single or have a young family – you’ve got to consider these things.

Laces and sheers provide elegance to any home as well as much needed privacy.

We’re going to be looking at some options that will give your home a touch of elegance while maintaining your privacy.

The Importance of Privacy

When you’re relaxing at home, cooking a meal, listening to some music, playing with your kids or just reading a book – the last thing you want is some nosey parker peeking in from next door or the street. In this day and age, your privacy is very important, and lace and sheer curtains are a great way to maintain it.

How They Work

Laces and sheers work by filtering the light coming through your window while still allowing you to look out to the world beyond. You’ll rest assured knowing that your privacy is intact. They also help to block UV rays – which will help reduce fading to your furniture and floor.

Customisable to Suit Your Home

Laces and sheers can be manufactured according to your specific needs – so if you’re going for an elegant and sophisticated interior design palette, they are the best choice for you.

Plain or Intricate

Perhaps your home has a plain, simple yet delicately elegant feel. If that is the case then a simple, soft lace curtain would be a beautiful match. However if you feel as though something a touch more intricate would best suit your vibe then soft laces are also available in a variety of embroidered patterns and styles.

Budget Friendly

Another positive to these window furnishings is that they are not going to break the bank. So if you’re looking for a touch of elegance, style and grace but are concerned about cost then laces and sheers may be just the ticket for your home.

The Best Rooms to Hang Them

The best places to choose lace and sheer curtains tend to be those spaces where you want the most privacy and comfort. Traditionally they work very well in your living spaces – so your bedrooms and your living and dining rooms.

Other Benefits and Tips

Your can overlap different colours and styles of sheers to create a beautiful and classy look. Another way to achieve a hint of elegance in your home is to choose colours for your laces and sheers that will match the tones of your furniture and paint job. For those after a chic style, crisp white sheers are the best choice. For those who tend towards a more flamboyant feel – try an animal print, floral or leafy sheers for a loud and proud splash.

If you are seeking peace and privacy with elegance in mind, choose lace and sheer curtains for the best of both worlds. To learn more, explore our online gallery or contact Curtain Direct & Blinds for the best sheers in Melbourne.

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