5 Alternative Ways to Keep Your Place Warm in Winter

Winter has come with a vengeance, and Melbourne is the best place to be in the colder months. With its cosy cafes, hole-in-the-wall bars and metropolitan vibe – there’s plenty to enjoy.

Living in Melbourne doesn’t mean that you don’t have to keep warm! It’s time for those scarves, gloves, beanies and brollies – and let’s not forget your home. Keeping your pad warm in the winter months can be a challenge – especially when those gas and power bills start rolling in.

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Let’s check out a few alternate ways to keep your place toasty and warm during a Melbourne winter.

Open and Close those Curtains!

The time of day when you choose to open and close your curtains can make a considerable difference to the warmth of your home. Opening them during the day when the sunlight will bring some natural warmth is a good idea – and alternatively – closing them at night will keep the heat from your heater inside your home. On those really cold days with no sunlight, it would be best to keep your curtains shut so all the heat stays inside your home.

Double Glazed Windows

Although this option presents quite a significant up-front cost, you will eventually see a return on investment. Double-glazed windows can really help to insulate your home – in all seasons! They are also great ways to soundproof, which is an added bonus for those living close to their neighbours!

Be Mindful of Draughts

You’d be surprised at how much heat can get lost (and cold air can get in!) through those draughty spots in your home. In between windows, under doors and through cracks in the flooring. It may be worth identifying where the draughts are coming in and taking some steps to stop them – this could mean door snakes or sealing those cracks. Anything that will help keep your house warm is worth investing in.

Invest in Some Thick Curtains and Padded Pelmets

You’d be very surprised at just how much a thick pair of curtains on each of your windows can help keep your home warm. Padded pelmets are a great addition to some thick window coverings – these accessories are lush and look amazing. They will also help to keep your place cool during a Melbourne summer too! Now there’s a win-win situation.

Check Your Furniture

It’s worth having a look around your home and seeing where your furniture is located in relation to your heaters. If you have ducted heating then any large items of furniture such as couches, drawers and dressers placed near the ducts could be absorbing a great deal of heat. The same applies to wall heaters and radiators – move any furniture that is too close to them and you’ll improve the efficiency of your heating.

There you have it! Some practical, alternative ways to make sure your place stays warm and comfortable during a Melbourne winter. For more great ways to protect your home and windows from the winter chill, contact Curtains Direct & Blinds today .

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