Custom Made and Designed Blinds: The Best Choice

In this day and age, individuality is everything. Everything that we choose for our lives helps to define us – our cars, our work, our friends, our clothes and our accessories. The inside of our home is probably even more definitive of who we are – after all, aside from work we probably spend the most time there! It’s where we live, love, eat, laugh, play and raise our children. So why not have a space that speaks to you?

Blinds pulled back to reveal colourful dots

Let’s examine the perks of custom-made curtains and blinds in Melbourne and find out why they are the best bet.

To Your Exact Specifications

Your home is as unique as you are. The type of your flooring, the paint scheme, your furniture, decorations and your windows. Not all windows are cut and coded to a precise specification. Some are larger, smaller, taller, wider and differently shaped to the place next door – especially if you’ve renovated. Having your curtains and blinds custom made means that they’ll fit your windows precisely, and will look amazing due to this!

Got a Quirky Style?

Another benefit of getting your window dressings custom created is that you can pick the pattern, fabric and design of them! So if your space is creative, explosive and colourful then you’ll be able to get curtains to match it! And on the other side of the coin – if you prefer a more traditional aesthetic then you’ll be able to get some curtains that will suit your feel.

Professional Installation and Guarantee

Any company that can custom craft your curtains are sure to be able to install them too – and rest assured that they are going to do a professional job of it! They’ll be cut and measured precisely and installed without a hitch. Also, it is highly likely that your tailor-made drapes or shades are going to come with the manufacturer’s guarantee of quality – and a warranty to accompany it!

High-Quality Materials

Also, companies that manufacture and design custom-made window furnishings aren’t going to use any old cloth or fabric. You can rest assured that you’ll receive nothing but the finest quality materials.

Supporting A Local Business

When you order custom made curtains from Curtains Direct & Blinds, you’re supporting a local business. We have a showroom in Bayswater which allows you to see our work, designs, fabrics, and talk to us in person about your ideas. It also takes great care and skill to be able to design and create curtains, so you’re not just putting money in the pocket of some faceless corporation – you’re actually giving a creative individual or team a chance for some meaningful, fulfilling work! That’s a really good feeling!

If you’re considering custom made blinds for your home, talk to the team at Curtains Direct & Blinds . As Melbourne’s own window furnishing team, we can create something truly unique for you.

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