5 Benefits of Padded Pelmets

Choosing the right sort of window furnishings for your Melbourne home can be tricky business. From venetians to lace and sheers through to rollers and screens – there are just so many to choose from. One option to consider your home is padded pelmet curtains.

Padded pelmets are a thick type of accessory for drapes. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They can even be wooden! But why choose this type of window dressing for your home? Well, padded pelmets have a range of benefits. Today we’re going to look at five of them.

perks of padded pelmets

They Can Be Custom Made

When shopping for padded pelmets, make sure to choose a curtain and blind company that offers customisations. These gorgeous additions can be easily tailor-made to suit your home, and to suit the room where they’ll be located. They can be manufactured in a variety of finishes, from the modern straight finish through to more traditional designs. They can also be contrasted by a choice of different fabrics, tassels, and cords and can be piped or banded.

Try to either match your pelmets with the existing décor in your room, or otherwise aim for a contrast between them and the different colours, tones and textures of the rest of our decorations.

They’re Durable

These window furnishings are made to last. Would you rather replace your curtains every few years – spending money again and again – or invest in quality for the first time? A good pair of padded pelmets will last forever so that money and time can go to other important things in your life.

Ultraviolet Protection

Another benefit of the pelmet is that they add another layer to fabric blinds. This layer is great at protecting against the harsh Aussie sun – your skin is going to thank you for it! What’s more, they are also going to help protect your furniture and floors from undue wear and fading from exposure to the sun.

They’ll Improve Your Energy Rating

Padded pelmets are one of the most effective ways of insulating your windows. Due to their thick, sturdy material, they will help to keep the heat in during the cold, Melbourne winters and they’ll keep your place cool during those sweltering summers. This is a great benefit for the environmentally conscious – as the more insulated your home is the less energy you’ll consume.

You’ll Save Money

Alongside reducing your energy consumption, padded pelmets will also save you money. The less you use those air conditioners and heaters the less money you’ll be spending!

By now you’re well informed about the various benefits of these awesome window dressings. Now you only need to know where to get them. Curtains Direct & Blinds are Melbourne’s experts for a wide range of window furnishings. Contact us today to learn more, or call 03 9729 5414.

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