Block Out Curtains Help You Save On Your Energy Bill

If you’re spending an extraordinary amount of money on heating and cooling, contemplate installing block out curtains in your home. In this article, we’re exploring the environmental and economic benefits of these window coverings.

How Do Blackout and Block out Curtains Work?

Blackout curtains are capable of keeping 99% of light out of a room. They can make it possible to sleep during the day while minimizing disturbance to our natural circadian rhythms. Blackout curtains also help to reduce temperature fluctuations between inside and outside.

Thermal block out curtains also possess the thermal buffering properties of blackout curtains without stopping all of the light, making them more appropriate for living rooms where there is a desire to keep the internal temperature constant while still being aware of whether or not the sun is shining outside.

Savings in Winter

Manufacturers of thermal block out and blackout curtains insist that up to 25% of a house’s heat can be lost through the windows. That would imply that if you could trap that heat in, you’d spend 25% less on heating than you previously did. According to Sustainability Victoria , the average heating cost for a medium-sized house in Melbourne is more than $1000 per year.

It’s important to remember that the cost of heating is more than just monetary. Burning fossil fuels, whether to provide electricity for your heaters or burning gas directly, produces greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. Think about alternatives to keep your house warm.

Blackout curtains can cost as little as $50. With a little bit of ingenuity, any set of curtains can be converted by purchasing the blackout fabric from a haberdashery and then stitching it onto your curtains. It’s not necessary to blackout every room in your house. Focus on the important places to keep heat in, like bedrooms and living spaces.

You will be doing yourself and the earth a favour, and you will likely be saving yourself money within 1-2 years.

Savings in Summer

Melbourne summers can be absolutely brutal. We commonly experience heatwaves with temperatures soaring above the 40-degree mark. On days like that, it’s common to seal doors and windows, close all the blinds and curtains and relax with a cold drink under the air-conditioner. Blackout curtains with white backing work to reflect light back outside and therefore prevent the inside from warming too much. Another way to capitalize even further on this principle is to install exterior shutters or blinds to stop light ever permeating your windows.

Call Us Today and Compare Your Savings

Here at Curtains Direct , we sell a full range of blackout and block out curtains for every purpose and requirement. Our professional staff are well-informed on how energy saving curtains can be used to the greatest effect and what options are appropriate for your environment. Give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly consultants about how blackout and block out curtains can help you.

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