• Block Out Curtains Help You Save On Your Energy Bill

    If you’re spending an extraordinary amount of money on heating and cooling, contemplate installing block out curtains in your home. In this article, we’re exploring the environmental and economic benefits of these window coverings. How Do Blackout and Block out Curtains Work? Blackout curtains are capable of keeping 99% of light out of a room. […]

  • Tips for Cleaning Your Curtains & Drapes

    Once you’ve chosen your window covering design, it can be extremely frustrating to watch them gather dust and deteriorate. We’ve put together this helpful guide to maintaining and cleaning your curtains and drapes. Dealing with Dust To keep dust from accumulating on your curtains and drapes, the best thing to do is clean them regularly. […]

  • Colour Palette – Which Curtains Work Well With My Wall Colour?

    Window furnishings play a very important role in the way a space feels. They have the most impact on how natural light is distributed and can frame both the internal and external environments. Your choice in window furnishings is vital for determining the mood of a room. In this article, we will discuss some of […]

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  • 5 Benefits of Padded Pelmets

    Choosing the right sort of window furnishings for your Melbourne home can be tricky business. From venetians to lace and sheers through to rollers and screens – there are just so many to choose from. One option to consider your home is padded pelmet curtains. Padded pelmets are a thick type of accessory for drapes. […]

  • Custom Made and Designed Blinds: The Best Choice

    In this day and age, individuality is everything. Everything that we choose for our lives helps to define us – our cars, our work, our friends, our clothes and our accessories. The inside of our home is probably even more definitive of who we are – after all, aside from work we probably spend the […]

  • 5 Alternative Ways to Keep Your Place Warm in Winter

    Winter has come with a vengeance, and Melbourne is the best place to be in the colder months. With its cosy cafes, hole-in-the-wall bars and metropolitan vibe – there’s plenty to enjoy. Living in Melbourne doesn’t mean that you don’t have to keep warm! It’s time for those scarves, gloves, beanies and brollies – and […]