• Fabric Covers for Outside Living Spaces

    Outdoor living is one of the greatest things about life in Australia. We love our barbecues and entertaining on the deck. In Melbourne, unpredictable weather, high winds and freak hailstorms can put a dampener on outdoor spaces. However, with a little bit of planning and some smart choices, being outside can be comfortable and rewarding […]

  • Tips for Cleaning Your Curtains & Drapes

    Once you’ve chosen your window covering design, it can be extremely frustrating to watch them gather dust and deteriorate. We’ve put together this helpful guide to maintaining and cleaning your curtains and drapes. Dealing with Dust To keep dust from accumulating on your curtains and drapes, the best thing to do is clean them regularly. […]

  • 5 Alternative Ways to Keep Your Place Warm in Winter

    Winter has come with a vengeance, and Melbourne is the best place to be in the colder months. With its cosy cafes, hole-in-the-wall bars and metropolitan vibe – there’s plenty to enjoy. Living in Melbourne doesn’t mean that you don’t have to keep warm! It’s time for those scarves, gloves, beanies and brollies – and […]

  • 8 Summer Curtain Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Rooms

    Clothes stores and gyms are always overflowing in summer – people want to look and feel their best as the days get longer, the nights get warmer, and everyone gets friendlier. But summer isn’t just about trips to the beach or the bar; it’s also about lazy dinner parties and afternoon barbecues at home. You […]

  • 5 Tips for Creating a Glamorous Room on a Budget

    The way you decorate a room can bring new life to your home and redefine your style. This is great in theory but when you can spend hundreds of dollars on a throw pillow, decorating starts to look disastrous for your budget. A quick browse at the furniture store leaves many people wondering ‘can I […]

  • Being Bold with Your Drapes

    If your home is looking more old than bold then it might be time for some interior decoration. A coat of paint or some new furniture might do the job for a while but chances are your rooms will need a fashion focal point that draws the eye and defines your décor. Whether you’re designing […]

  • Creating a Focal Point in Your Room – Do it with Drapes!

    Windows are every room’s best friend, creating light, space and a sense of openness. They are an insight into the outside world, perfectly complementing every style and sensibility. It might sound odd, but one of the ways to get the most out of your windows in by covering them up. Window coverings can add a […]

  • When Experience Matters – Why Choose Professional Curtain Installation

    Sometimes there’s nothing better than the feeling of doing something yourself. When you open up that tough jar of pickles or you finally get around to completing that ‘to-do’ list you feel fantastic. The feeling of satisfaction is great but it tends to wear off if the result doesn’t match your vision. There are some […]

  • Enhance Your Home with Style – The Ins and Outs of Insulated Curtains

    When it comes to keeping warm the first thing that you think of probably isn’t your curtains. These stylish window furnishings are an interior designer’s best friend. They make any room feel spacious and they can act as both a stylish centrepiece and a subtle foundation for the rest of your décor. But how can […]