Colour Palette – Which Curtains Work Well With My Wall Colour?

Window furnishings play a very important role in the way a space feels. They have the most impact on how natural light is distributed and can frame both the internal and external environments. Your choice in window furnishings is vital for determining the mood of a room. In this article, we will discuss some of the options for window coverings, such as type, material and colour.

Window Furnishings

Curtains, blinds, shutters and drapes frame windows and affect light in individual ways. Some windows may not need any furnishing and some may need multiple layers. The furnishing you choose should complement the purpose of the room .

Bedrooms can benefit from blackout furnishings, so it is possible to sleep during light periods. Of course, bedrooms can also benefit from thin, sheer curtains or Venetian blinds that let light in while maintaining privacy. When choosing your window coverings, take into account everything you use a space for and how lighting affects your productivity and mood.

Choosing Materials

The expression may sound odd, but humans feel with their eyes. There is a difference in the mood created by thick hardwood blinds and thin, aluminium ones. When deciding on materials for window furnishings, it’s important to consider how cleaning and maintenance requirements. Bathrooms are more humid than other rooms so untreated, organic materials that are prone to rot don’t work in these spaces.

Colour Palette

Colour is one of the most important things to focus on when designing interiors. Think about how much time you spend determining outfits to wear, for instance. Many of the same style considerations are important in determining your interior. Your house wears the same thing constantly so dedicate some time to figuring out how best to highlight the architectural features of the building while maintaining functionality.

Plain colours and materials that diffract light away from computer screens are optimal for workspaces. In living and dining spaces, more audacious colours and patterns bring out character. If you have loud, audacious walls then subtle colours for window trimmings is the way to go. If you have plain walls, consider darker and patterned curtains to create contrast. Your choice will always come down to personal preference.

Is This All Too Complicated?

It’s not just you. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless choices. Many of us don’t consider the options possible for furnishing windows until we are in the middle of building or decorating our first home.

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