Correct Cutting Methods for Window Coverings

When you’re looking into an upgrade for your windows, it’s imperative to get your measurements and cutting right the first time. Otherwise, you could end up spending double. In this article, we’re going through the correct cutting methods so you can have a perfect fit with your curtains and blinds.


In an earlier article, we covered how to measure your curtains to fit your window. Just as important as measuring your curtains correctly is cutting the fabric. Large swathes of fabric can be difficult to handle and to avoid costly mistakes in reordering materials, it’s important to get it right. Firstly, you should wash and, if applicable, iron your material before cutting it. Materials can shrink unevenly and it’s easier to deal with this before your curtains are too small. Make sure you have left enough material for the pole mount and hemming in your measurements.

Use a builder’s square to ensure the line you are cutting is perpendicular to the edge of the fabric. If your builder’s square is not large enough to mark the total length of your cut, use a large ruler or straight piece of timber to mark your cut and try to make the whole cut in one go without moving the material. This may mean you need to work on a large table or the floor, just ensure there is a safety sheet underneath the one you are cutting to ensure your curtains aren’t dirty before you have even used them.


When you’re cutting drapes and valences, follow the same principles as curtains. Leave room for hemming and pole mounts and use a long, straight piece of timber or metal combined with a builder’s square to ensure you are cutting at perpendicular angles to the edge of the fabric.


To fit blinds to your window, take horizontal measurements of your window at the top, the bottom and the middle. On any standard rectangular window, all of these measurements should be identical but it is alarming how often this is not the case. Take the smallest of these measurements to be the width of your window.

You will need to give your blinds 3mm clearance on either side so deduct 6mm from the measurement of the window to get the total width of your blinds. If your blinds are too big, you will need to cut them down. Use a hacksaw to cut metal blinds and a mitre saw, handsaw or electric saw to cut wooden blinds.

Don’t Want to Take on the Responsibility?

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