Curtains vs. Blinds

What’s the Difference?

It might be obvious to some but there is a difference between curtains and blinds that needs to be addressed before their relative strengths and weaknesses can be discussed. Curtains are pieces of fabric attached to curtain poles or railings. Typically, curtains can be pulled horizontally along the pole to cover or reveal a window although some curtains can be raised vertically. Blinds are typically made of hard slats or consist of fabric on rollers. Today you can even get motorised blinds that can open and close by remote control!

What’s Your Desired Purpose and Feel?

Curtains fall further from a window and occupy more space within a room than blinds. They can billow in the wind and tend to give windows a soft edge. This can be ideal for living spaces where your desired purpose is to create warmth and an inviting atmosphere to put your feet up or think.

Historically, curtains have occupied living spaces and bedrooms because the vast array of possible patterns and fabrics made them more versatile. Trends change with time and modern blinds can come in a vast array of design options , too. They are making a foray into living spaces in a big way.

Blinds have a subtle elegance in their more permanent feel. They are usually the go-to choice for offices, bathrooms and studies because straight edges are less distracting. Blinds typically come in less varied designs and appear plain, in many instances.

Recently, motorised blinds are making a splash in the window furnishing arena both inside and out. They can be particularly effective on large, feature windows.

Maintenance and Cost Differences

Regular curtains are a lot cheaper than blinds. They are essentially just pieces of fabric cut to size, and many are machine washable. There are some curtains, like blackout and thermal block out curtains that can be more expensive than blinds. Additionally, some curtains, like silk curtains , can be exceptionally difficult to clean where vinyl and aluminium blinds can be cleaned without hassle by a dry or slightly damp cloth.

One major advantage of curtains over blinds is the ease with which they can be updated or swapped to match or change the internal feel. It’s usually just a matter of demounting the curtain rail and replacing the fabric. Replacing or changing blinds, on the other hand, can require the detailed work of a tradesman to uninstall.

Still Can’t Decide?

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