Custom Curtains vs. Ready Made

So you’ve decided to upgrade your window dressings! Well done. Good curtains and blinds look amazing, can help to insulate your home and shield your furniture from the harsh sunlight of Australia. But many people come to a crossroads when choosing curtains and blinds. This crossroads is the choice between ready-made curtains and blinds and a custom creation. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two!

Ready-Made Curtains

Ready-made curtains are exactly as they sound. They come pre-designed and pre-cut. All you need to do is hang them up. One advantage of ready-made curtains is that they are cheap. But this often means that they are also cheap looking.

Change Your Space!?

If you decide to choose ready-made curtains, you need to ensure that they’re going to match the décor. This can be difficult, as not all designs and themes are going to gel well with your home. This often means having to upgrade your décor and paint just to match the ready-made curtains. With that money, you could just as easily invest in some custom-made window dressings! Let’s take a look at the advantages of custom made blinds and curtains.

Tailor Made

Custom-made window dressings come tailor-made to suit your space. Often, an experienced professional will come out to your home to ensure they fit perfectly. They’ll spend time with you, get to know you, and learn about your taste and your vibe. They’ll inspect your home and be able to advise you on the best match for your décor and themes. They’ll then take measurements and create a window dressing that is truly you.

The Quirky or the Traditional

The main perk of custom-made window dressings is that they’ll match your personality. Whether you’re slightly eccentric or a window dressing traditionalist, we can get the curtains and blinds to match. Custom-made products provide that personal touch that every homeowner wants.

They’ll fit to a Tee

Ready-made curtains usually look ill-fitting. Every window and frame is different and just throwing up some pre-made curtains isn’t an instant solution. Custom-made curtains and blinds will fit according to exact measurements. They’ll look trim and terrific and brighten up your space.

Affordable for You

In days gone by, custom-made window treatments were for the rich and famous. These days, they’re a lot more affordable. Chances are you’ll have the budget for some tailor made window dressings and you might even have some money left over! You could even get some new décor to perfectly complement your new drapes.

For Every Room

You can get custom-made designs for every room. For example, your bathroom may be a blend of white tile and marble with some natural timber for indoor-outdoor flow. Some custom made timber blinds or sheer lace curtains would be the perfect complement for such a space!

Your Imagination is the Limit!

Do you want animal print curtains? Or maybe you’re polka dot crazy. Either way, if there’s a fabric pattern out there it can probably be turned into custom-made curtain for you! Your imagination is really the limit, so get thinking and get creative!

Our team are Sydney’s experts for fabulous custom curtains. To get the look you desire, simply contact Main Curtains today.

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