Fabric Covers for Outside Living Spaces

Outdoor living is one of the greatest things about life in Australia. We love our barbecues and entertaining on the deck. In Melbourne, unpredictable weather, high winds and freak hailstorms can put a dampener on outdoor spaces. However, with a little bit of planning and some smart choices, being outside can be comfortable and rewarding even when the weather is bad. In this article, we’ll talk about why you should look into outdoor fabric solutions and what kinds of options are available.

Protection from the Elements

Has rain, hail or excessive shine ever taken the fun out of your backyard? Melbourne’s unpredictable weather can even make having a barbeque a risky affair. If you’ve ever had to stand out in the rain to flip burgers, you know it’s not what you were intending.

Don’t let dodgy weather ruin your picnic and get a system going to give you peace of mind in your outdoor space, whether entertaining or just relaxing. When you have children, it’s important to know they aren’t being exposed to sunburn every time they go outside so having a good shade sail setup is invaluable.

Make the Most of Your Space

It’s no secret to anyone that has lived through a Melbourne summer that the heat and UV can be intense. When you’re picking fabric to use in your outdoor area, it’s important that you choose something extremely durable and weatherproof that will block harmful radiation.

If there’s a gentle breeze or you have a pool, being outside on a hot day can be cooler than being inside. Having shade and privacy in your backyard can be the difference between enjoying it every day and only ever seeing it through the window. It might be a small investment but the rewards in lifestyle options are immense.

Motorised Awnings

Depending on your space, it may be appropriate to install motorised awnings. These can be deployed to give your space privacy and or protection from the elements and can be mounted in out of the way places such that they are not seen until required. Motorised awnings can even be paired with weather sensors so that the awnings can be retracted in high winds so as to avoid damage.

Need Assistance?

Our expert team at Curtains Direct can design shades and blinds for your outdoor area. Give us a call today to end the stress of guessing and let our professionals do the hard work for you.

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