FAQs for Block out Blinds and Curtains

What Are Block out Blinds and Curtains?

Block out blinds and curtains block out the sun, form heat barriers and can even reduce noise. They come in a few forms, from 100% blackout and thermal block out to simpler, room darkening curtains. The darkest approach 100% opacity, and have white foam backing to reflect light back through the window.

They are not necessarily thick and can be made from polymer weaves that achieve exceptional darkness through the combined effort of layers. Thermal block out blinds and curtains maintain these thermal properties while allowing more light. These kinds of curtains are more suited to living spaces and situations where you want the energy efficiency boost but you still want to know the sun is shining.

Why Do I Need Block out Blinds or Curtains?

Energy Efficiency

Block out blinds can form an insulating layer for your windows. The air gap between the blind and window acts as a buffer, keeping the internal temperature more constant. On hot summer days, block out blinds and curtains can keep the sun out and stop heat from flooding in with it. During cold nights, block out curtains can keep warm air in. This means less money spent on heating and cooling and less greenhouse gas emissions .

Sleeping during the Day

After all of that hard work on interior decorating, it can be nice to sleep in on weekends. Having block out blinds or curtains in the bedroom is an excellent way to stay in bed during the day. If you work nights or like to stay up late, getting that crucial daytime sleep can be difficult. Block out window coverings can provide some peace of mind.

How Do I Choose the Right Block out Blinds or Curtains?

This is about understanding the purpose they will fill and the space they will occupy. Curtains are typically more appropriate for living spaces. Where they are going to be closed for long periods of time, patterns and even custom designs can form a pleasing alternative feature to a window view.

Blinds are more suited to offices and studies. In minimalist environments, they can do wonders to hide distractions. There are no hard and fast rules, if you don’t need total block out curtains then you could opt for room darkening curtains.

Do You Still Have Questions?

Here at Curtains Direct , we have thirty years of professional experience. Our experts know a thing or two about block out window furnishings so we can devise a solution for your needs. We even have a mobile showroom that can come to you. Call us today on (03) 9998 5700 or contact us for more information.

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