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    Curtain Accessories

    Curtains Direct & Blinds offers custom drapes in a range of fabrics to help any room in your home exude class, warmth, and style. Drapes are a timeless choice for interior decorating and window furnishing, creating an intimate environment or a formal setting while keeping pesky glare out of your face and off your television. As Melbourne’s leaders in custom-made drapery, we can design, create, and install a solution that’s great for you.


    The Benefits of Good Drapes

    Anyone who lives in Melbourne will understand the phrase ‘four seasons in one day’ all too well. The weather here can change hour to hour or minute to minute, so versatility is the key to choosing your furnishings. This makes drapes a great option for any Melbourne home:

    • Keep out the sun – at the height of summer, the Melbourne sun can be searing and UV levels are regularly extreme. Drapes help protect you, your family, and your furniture from these harmful rays.
    • Keep in the warmth – the lining of drapes makes them into thermal curtains so they can help you retain warmth on cold days.
    • Stay cool – closing your insulated drapes on a hot day will help keep heat out as well, so you’ll save on power bills all year ‘round.

    Our Complete Drapery Service

    At Curtains Direct & Blinds, we don’t just provide high-quality products; you’ll also receive a comprehensive service. Our process starts with an expert selection and doesn’t stop until your drapes are installed and looking great.

    Mix and Match with Our Other Curtains

    On their own, drapes provide a very ‘all or nothing’ solution – they are either open to let in light or they are closed to provide total security and a blackout effect. That’s why it can be worthwhile to pair drapes with other curtains from our range. For example, try matching drapes with sheer or lace curtains to let in natural light on cooler summer days.

    Free consultation & estimate

    Our consultation covers everything we need to find you the perfect curtains, from interior decor and fabric ideas to tracks, functionality, fit and budget. Call us on 03 9729 5414, enquire online, or visit our Melbourne showroom and factory today.


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