Padded Pelmets

Curved padded Pelmets can be custom made to maintain curved aspect of windows, whilst fabric choice provides for complement or contrast.

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Padded Pelmets are particularly recommended for the best way to insulate your windows (boxing over the window to eliminate loss of heat and cooling) and are the next most decorative finish in the drapery industry, once again they can be made in a variety of finishes, from the modern straight finish to the traditional shaped designs. They can have contrasts by way of fabrics, cords and tassels, piped or banded. Depths can be varied and unusual shapes can be created. See our photographs particularly the curved Pelmet over the inward hinging bi-fold door.

The combination of Padded Pelmets with full Drapes and Tie backs can provide for both traditional and modern styling!

Super neat modern styling can be achieved by combining box Pelmets, Screens and contrasting patterns.

Almost any shape of Padded Pelmet can be made to suit your requirement, style or creativity!

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