Panel Glide Blinds

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    Panel Glide Blinds

    Panels blinds or “panel glides” are an extremely functional choice as they sit over sliding doors, allowing easy access while maintaining the effortless style of a room. With a range of fabric options available, you’ll be amazed at the many looks you can create with panel blinds in your home. Curtains Direct offers seemingly endless design options for Melbourne home and business owners.


    The Uses and Benefits of Panel Blinds

    Panel blinds are notably simple to use due to their easy sliding mechanism that provides unobstructed access to the inside of your home. If you suffer from limited mobility or have an area blocked by furniture, this is great news. To open or close your panel blinds, a cord-operated control can be used or you can opt for complete motorisation to make it even easier.

    Panel blinds are perfect for sliding doors because they move in the same direction as the door, meaning they can completely fold away and open the walkway entirely. Customising your blinds means you will have a perfectly matched door panel and covering. To discover your home’s best option, get a no-obligation quote from Curtains Direct.


    Simple Installation and Maintenance

    Because panel glides fold away completely, they avoid dirt and dust coming in from outside. A simple feather duster or wipe down every now and again is all it takes to clean these functional blinds. The blinds also stay flat when they retract in on themselves, maintaining that contemporary, sleek appearance that Melbourne homeowners are fond of.

    You can maintain complete privacy and control of your lighting when you install panel blinds. One of the greatest benefits of these window coverings is just how many styles, fabrics and colours are available to choose from. View our picture gallery for inspiration on panel glides and contact the design team to make requests in colour and materials.

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