Clove & Sandalwood Tealight Candle Set 6


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A set of six tea light candles fragranced with Clove & Sandalwood. Made with Coco Soy and a cotton wick, hand poured. Each burn is up to 4 hours.

Presented in a white gift box and fine ribbon.

22grams of fill. 18mm H X 38mm W

Charismatic and sensual, this luxurious woody fragrance is irresistible, filled with peppercorn, spicy clove and rich layers of amber and cedarwood.

Top Notes: Cinnamon Sticks, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Peppercorn, Clove

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Warm Amber

*Polycarbonate tealight cups are made from the highest grade of heat resistant polycarbonate plastic and are excellent for tealights. We offer a refill service, simply wash in warm soapy water, check for any damage and head into our Berwick Store. We do not advise using polycarbonate cups in oil burners due to the enclosed space and build up of heat. Enclosed spaces may result in the tealights melting. Tealight cups are recyclable, should you choose not to have them refilled.


Made in Beaconsfield, Vic