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    Sheer Curtains

    Laces & Sheers will filter the light coming through your window with you being able to look out with privacy. They also act as a UV inhibitor to slow the fading process and they will enhance your drapery or blinds. Laces and Sheers can be made in various ways too, and fitted on appropriate tracking and rods.

    They can be fixed, Hand drawn or Corded. Soft Laces are delicately plain, but can more intricate with embroidery work. Organza Sheers are very popular at the moment and have a shiny look and feel that can look quite elegant.


    What you need to know

    Lace Rollers utilised with traditional velvet fabric and Decorator rods tie perfectly to style period rooms.

    Plasticised Rollers complements period style homes. Providing daytime privacy and UV protection whilst keeping with the room’s interior.


    There is nothing boring about Sheers! Now proving a feature rather than a secondary inclusion! There is a selection that could leave you confused! From soft silks to bright and bold, from lacey laces to silver and gold!

    For a room that needs only light filtering and daytime privacy, try earthy toned Sheers. A nice finish is the ‘S’ fold appearance of the Sheer which is achieved by the track and tape style.

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    Our consultation covers everything we need to find you the perfect curtains, from interior decor and fabric ideas to tracks, functionality, fit and budget. Call us on 03 9729 5414, enquire online, or visit our Melbourne showroom and factory today.


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