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Dual Roller Blinds

Once you see the benefits of roller blinds, it stands to reason that when modern living and contemporary architecture merge, Curtains Direct & Blinds would create a dual roller system that brings outdoor and indoor living to your home. Curtains Direct are the specialists in roller blinds and double roller blinds in Melbourne.

The Amazing Benefits of Dual Roller Blinds and Screens

Aside from being incredibly easy to operate, dual roller blinds have a range of excellent advantages, including:

    • a large range of laces, patterns, colours and textures that will suit any home décor
    • light-filtering capabilities
    • protecting soft furnishings and carpet from harmful UV rays
    • providing privacy and security
    • they work easily with many blind and screen designs/installation methods
    • suitable for both modern and classic architecture
    • effective room darkening
    • they are easy to measure, fit, and install
    • they are easy to clean and maintain
    • automated sensors and motorisation options via remote control

If you’re looking for a simple design that doesn’t take up too much space, get in touch with us and receive a no-obligation quote. Additionally, feel free to browse our gallery for inspiration and examples!

The dual roller comprises of two screens that are overlaid to bring partial or full light to complete room blackouts. Its flexible design means you can determine the ideal amount of filtered light or privacy, constructed in the fabrics, patterns and colours of your choice.

For example, you can pair a blackout blind with a sunscreen blind for complete control over light and insulation in any room of your home.

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Curtains Direct will manufacture your blinds to the style and finish that perfectly suits your aesthetics. Our 25+ years of experience make us the leading supplier and installer of curtains and blinds in Melbourne. To create your ideal double roller blinds, contact us online or call (03) 9729 5414.

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