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Roller Blinds

If you’re lacking in space or you just want a simple, affordable choice of window covering, consider installing standard roller blinds from Curtains Direct. These simple options are perfect for any home or office! Traditionally, roller blinds come with a rod and chain pulley system to adjust the blind up or down, depending on the time of day. With automation and motorised sensors, rollers and screens can now be operated with the click of a remote.

The Benefits of Roller Blinds

If you require a window covering that consists of simple lines, roller blinds are a fantastic choice. They fit closely to the window and are made up of minimal fabric, meaning they take up less space and don’t draw too much attention. There are many fabrics to choose from when you opt for roller blinds, including sunscreen fabric, translucent fabric, and block out fabric. Browse our gallery to see examples of each.

The colour and pattern of your roller blind is completely up to you – speak to our team about creating bespoke window coverings! You can even double the effectiveness and usability of your blinds by creating a customised dual roller blind.

Simple Operation and Longevity

Roller blinds are one of the easiest types of window coverings to operate, especially when they are motorised. These are perfect if you have furniture in front of your windows or if you have trouble operating individual blinds in your home.

These blinds are also extremely durable due to their high-quality fabrics and strong moving parts. Your blind will be sun-resistant as well – it won’t fade and neither will your furniture! When you choose a roller blind from Curtains Direct, you’re buying years of easy usage.

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