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Curtains Direct & Blinds offers an array of beautiful, custom-built shutters to suit the unique requirements of any window. White plantation shutters will add pizzazz and character to any room, and are an excellent choice for irregular or unusually shaped windows. Our expert craftsmen can tailor the shutters to your specific window size and no odd shape is too difficult.

Why you choose shutters?

Plantation shutters offer many aesthetic and practical advantages, including:

      • privacy and openness with easily adjustable slats
      • durable and long-lasting materials
      • letting in light the way you want – from full glare, to total blackout or something in between
      • adjustable to allow a cool breeze in
      • suitability for either inside or outside your windows
      • adaptable to fit almost any shape of window, including arched, circular, and diamond-shaped
      • low maintenance requirements – you only need to dust and wipe away fingerprints and smudges

At Curtains Direct & Blinds, we can custom build your shutters from a range of different materials to suit your tastes, home and budget.

      • Cedar wood provides a classic, earthy look that will last for years.
      • Basswood timber provides a light brown, naturally pristine look for your shutters. We also offer Basswood timber painted in a range of beautiful hues.
      • For a lower cost and highly durable shutter construction, we can also make your plantation shutters from PVC.

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