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Timber Blinds

There is a simple way to give your interior décor a makeover while retaining functionality and durability – Timber blinds. These wooden venetian blinds comes in classic finishes, such as beech, maple, or jarrah to match any interior design in a modern way.

Stained and lacquered timber blinds offer brilliant colour gradients and can be created using basswood or cedar. Our finishes include oil, lacquer, stain, or paint. As you can see, the options are endless when we create your dream interior window furnishings. Speak to Curtains Direct to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

Why Choose Wooden Blinds?

These stylish blinds are becoming extremely popular across Australia for their design capabilities and reliable structures. The natural tones of timber blinds add warmth to rooms – this is especially important in Melbourne when the sun disappears for days at a time.

Timber blinds also block out harsh light, protecting furniture from sun damage and controlling how much light enters the room. Wood is a natural source of insulation, meaning you can control the climate inside your home more without always relying on expensive heating and cooling techniques.

Another major benefit of these blinds is privacy – they completely prevent people from seeing inside your windows, protecting your family and your belongings. You can also control the amount of noise that enters your home because wood works as a soundproofing material!

Curtains Direct Will Install Your Dream Blinds

For an affordable window covering that helps you control light, heat, privacy and sound, look no further than wooden venetian blinds. These options are simply amazing for Melbourne homes

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